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Meet 3 guests from Netherlands and 1 from USA!

What a great day today! We are pleased to introduce you to a 3 travelers from Netherlands and 1 from USA!

Wine connecting USA and Poland in Tiraspol

Ryan (USA) and Anna-Maria (Poland/Ukraine) stayed in GoTiraspol Hostel between 04-05 May 2016. We had lots of fun while talking about social issues related to our countries and regions. The visit to migration office turned up to be a very exciting and friendly experience. As the result we ended up at CRICOVA restaurant testing local […]

USA & ex-USSR meets in Transnistria. Story about 2 medics.

¬† How many doctors do you know? How many of young doctors from USA would come to Transnistria? I was really interested to meet Forat because I also studied at medical school and worked as a first aider in late 2003-2005. We met and spoke about different things related to life style in former USSR, […]