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“Breakfast with Dead” Radonita and Anti-Easter in Transnistria

Thousands of people go to cemeteries to commemorate their dead relatives. It is Russian tradition deeply rooted with Russian Orthodox Church. My family traditionally visiting one old cemetery (Blijnee) and a new one (Zapadnoe). My Grand-Grand and Grand parents as well as uncle are permanently resine in these two places. Of course I also went […]

Why is it so cold?!Agrentina meets Transnistria in winter.

What an exotic chance to meet and host Argentinian couple, Laura and Juhan! I got a request from them to stay in Tiraspol few weeks in advance. It was super experience to hang out together with world famous travelers and bloggers. I adore those people who can manage their blogging and travel expenses in a […]

First Snow in Transnistria 2014\Первый снег в ПМР!

I was coming back from my working trip from Chisinau when the snow hit the road in Transnistria! WOW! What a great view! This is very first snow in our region! I like snow, it always brings a good memories from the past and gives a kind of optimistic ideas for future..thought… And in Moldova […]