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Victory day and Pyramids in Transnistria 2016

Russian soldiers are marching in the city of Tiraspol! The 2016 Victory day was special because it was a first time when Russian peace keepers officially took part in Victory parade in Transnistria. it was always only Transnistrian army…. all 25 years. This year we where marching with a group of 6 people: Mick (Singapore), […]

One day with Benjamin and Romain from France

Despite all prejudices Transnistrians have about France and its people it was proven one more time that reality is different. Please welcome on board Benjamin and Romain. Both of them came on day tour around Transnistria on 05 May 2016. We had a lovely walk around Tiraspol and then went to see Kitskani monastery (Noul […]

Walking around the World via Transnistria with Dimitris

Dimitris arrived in Tiraspol on 2’nd of May 2016. He was tired and exhausted by walking from Chisinua to Tiraspol. He is the first guest whom I met and who is traveling by walking. When he arrived at the border (Dimitri said) Transnistrian customs didn’t believe that the guy in front of him is walking […]

Recharge yourself inside of Transnistrian pyramids.

Ones again, it’s proven that Transnistrian Pyramids can really re-charge you up to level! We spend a really nice time with 2 great people who stayed at GoTiraspol Hostel. Yves and Benoit, me and Anna enjoyed very much the time we had while driving to see the isolated Pyramids outside of Tiraspol. Benoit, thanks a […]

Bienvenue dans le monde de la France! Rencontrez d’autres voyageurs Erwan Tiraspol!

  Congratulations GoTiraspol with first french guest! I wouldn’t expect to meet such an interesting person as Erwan from Rennes, Brittany, France. He works for National Railways as engineer. WOW! I always admire people who chose this kind of romantic professions. I met Erwan at the train station and we walked to the Hostel in […]