Dear comrades! Here you are, in Tiraspol city, the heart of Transnistria. In Tiraspol, more than anywhere else in Transnistria, one can feel the atmosphere of the Russian Renaissance – the process of changes happening in this small unrecognized region during the past two decades.

This ancient city, which was founded in 1792 by special order of Alexander Suvorov, has always played the most important part in Black sea regional history. Even when Great USSR collapsed in 1991, Tiraspol was and still is the 3’rd largest city in the region. But remember, Tiraspol is the capital of FREE TRANSNISTRIA!

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  1. […] Gavrilov runs a hostel in Tiraspol and keeps the Go Tiraspol blog, where he writes about life in Transnistria. We decided to interview […]


  2. florian · · Reply

    I am planing to come sat or Sunday.

    How much is a bed in your biggestdorm?

    Thank you


    1. Hello Florian,
      You can find the prices and instructions if you click on the links we provided on this page:
      It is easy.
      Awaiting for your booking,

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