Campsite Rules

Info-Pack for Red Star Campsite:

Terrass for Campers.

Dear comrades,
We look forward to meet you in person!
We build this small cozy Campsite and garden by our self and our hands using our own resources. There was a lot of afford putted into this project so we would like to share the opportunity to stay here with you. Please read carefully the instructions:
1)Make sure that you get your registration at the border by providing the Campsite address and the period you wish to stay in Transnistria (up to 45 days).
Please set your Check-IN (1:30pm-8pm)* / Check-OUT time (8am-11:30am) time in the Campsite by indicating this in your booking and providing the exact hour of arrival, so there will be some one who can open a door for you and give the keys. We do not have 24 hrs reception, so the manager will come and meet you personally. If you are running late please inform us by Phone N: +37368188352 (SMS,calls); +37377757005 (calls only). Yes, I know, your roaming is not working so do ask people on the street to borrow you a phone to make a call to me and inform about your matter ;-).
2) Price indicated on or includes only the space in camping, solor shower (may-september), wifi, electricity. Guest should take care of their own: tent, sleeping bag, mat, camping gear, foods. Guest who are willing to prolong their stay are kindly asked to visit the migration office and make it by them self.
3) Campsite accepts payment for accommodation in cash ONLY, no foreign credit/debit cards can be used as payment in Transnistria. Please prepare your payment in advance. The nearest exchange office is 10 min walk from the Campsite and we don’t want you to run back and force with 2 EUR exchange ideas 🙂 We keep the deposit of 10 EUR( or 13 USD) from each guest for possible loss/damage.
4) If you do not have a tent you must inform us about this in advance at the time you make your booking but not later than 24 hrs before arrival. We can guarantee a tent for you only if you get in touch with us in advance.
5) Smoking is alowed but all sigarets must be throun into the bin. If drinking alcohol or any other drinks from bottles do make sure that you clean after yourself the table and all rubbish is in the bin.**
6) No parties in Campsite at any time. The curfew inside of the Campsite after 11 pm:The front gate will be closed (usage of the toilet still possible but you MUST keep the front gate CLOSE), no music, no cooking, no loud talks. If you wish to use the terrace please do so but without noise.*
7) We do not allow any guests who has not payed his/her accommodation inside of the campsite property (for your security). Do not bring people you meet on the street inside the Campsite area. Do not show them the place were you stay and do not explane where is your location for the night is. We also do not allow to store luggage of the people who are not staying in the Campsite.*
8) No washing of clouth is alowed in the shower at any time! The warm water is used only for shower do not use it for washing! You can still order a washing machine serivice for 5 EUR but there should be at minimum 3-4 kg of staff. Ask the Campsite manager before you use it.*
9) Terrase:
9.1 Those who booked a campsite can use only the Camping terras. The Hostel terrass is used ONLY! by guests who booked a hostel. There is electricity and WiFi in the Campsite terrass as well.
9.2 Please DO NOT CUT ANYTHING DIRECTLY ON THE TABLE (IT IS MADE OF WOOD).Use the kitchen desk instead.
9.3 Please clean after yourself ones in shower and toilet. If you see those few drops on the floor/table, please clean it up so other people can feel good and relaxt properly.
9.4 If you need to cook anything please bring your own stove and gaz or you can rent one from the Campsite manager.
10) Toilet: It is located not directly at the place next to your tent. Yes, smell the fresh air no other bio parfumes. So you have to make a few steps outside to reach the place. Yes, it is a cabin without bide and fancy toilet. Yes, it is a traddittional in the former USSR villages. Do not organise toilet in the garden. We have a security cams so the proves of the action of violation will be recorded and published on the wall of shame and violaters are immidiatley removed from the Campsite (after they clean their mess with hands, urinated poluted soil will be collected with hands of violators and kept with them).*

11) Fire/BBQ place. You are welcome to use it but please pay for the woods or coll. Ones you are done with fire please put it down or wait till the there will be no flames.*
11) Shower: The Campsite shower is ONLY SOLOR HEATED (Sunny shower/heated only with friendly sunshine) There is not electric heater inside. If you like to take morning showers, please understand, during the night it is getting cold and water can not stay as hot as duirng the previous day. Please consider this before booking the place. Your morning cold shower screaming will not rise the temperature around you 😉
12) Campsite does not accept responsibility for any loss.
13) It is important to understand that the price of your booking covers only the place in the Campsite. You can rent edditionaly: Tent (3 EUR per day), Sleeping bag (2 EUR per day); Mattras (1 EUR per day).
14) The front gate door must be kept close at any time.
15.1 – It is not allowed to walk on the grass of the garden. 
15.2 – Do not eat anything in the garden. We have all possible fruits and vegetables as it is private property and we sell them. So ask the hostel manager if you wish to buy some.
16) You may also order some food service from the owner’s parents Galina and Iurii. They can offer you: grapes juice; nuts; pelimeni; vareniki, russian borsh. Please consult for prices and time.
17) We have indoor parking for 1 car only, other cars can be parked outside of the camping protected property.

* Late check-in 8-10pm: 2 eur per person. Guests set up camping by themself. Shower can be cold. Breakfast might not be arranged for next morning.
**In case if guest is behaving aggressively or brakes the Campsite rules the Hostel manager has the right to give 1 warning (the deduction from the deposit will be still considered) before removing this guest from the property at any time. In this case the payed amount for accommodation as well as deposit of 10 EUR are not refundable. The Campsite management has right to call the police and migration office for further investigation. We will also inform your embassy about bad behaviors of particular guest. Those who break the House Rules that lead to the loss or damage of the property are obliged to cover the expense to fix the damage, or buy a new thing instead. The price is decided by the property manager.

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