1) Check-in 14:00-20:00 / Check-out 08:00-11:00 in the mornig. We do not have 24/7 reception and meet guests in person on REQUEST on arrival. If running late, please call and inform 1 hr in advance.(*1)
It is forbidenn to stay inside of Hostel without check-in process and your own keys.
Requests like: “We do not need Check-in/out we only want to leave our luggage and go to the city” means early check-in/out only.(2*)

2) Breakfast. 08:00am-11:00am is served in plastic bags. Please see the photo before you book your bed.

3) Hostel accepts payment for accommodation in EUR, USD and Transnistrian rubles (with upper rate), no foreighn credit/debit cards can be used as payment in Transnistria. Please prepare your payment in advance. We keep the Security and Key deposit of 10 EUR( or 13 USD) for 2 keys and possible loss/damage from each guest.
4) Please do not wear shoes inside of the Hostel at any time.
5) No Smoking , No alcohol, NO DRUGS and NO foods and DRINKS (water is a drink) inside of the Hostel rooms. The wooden floor can be damaged with water.
6) No parties inside of the Hostel at any time. The curfew inside of the Hostel after 11 pm: no music, no cooking in the kitchen, no loud talks, no lights if there are guests sleeping in your room.
7) It is not allowed to stay inside of Hostel territory if:
– you did not pay for accommodation
– you did not arranged this with hostel manager before

8) Washing and drying machine usage: 5 EUR each. Ask the Hostel manager before you use it.
9) Please clean after yourself ones in the kitchen, shower, toilet. If you see those few drops on the floor/table, please clean it up so other people can use the same clean kitchen and room after you.

10)Charge your electronics only near the shelve, left side from the window in dormitory. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE PLUGS NEAR BEDS AND LEAVE ELECTRONICS PLUGGED-IN. It will be removed.
11) Hostel does not accept responsibility for any loss.

12) Lenin Street Hostel can provide parking for bicycles only downstairs indoors, max 3-4 bicycles.

13) Pets and animals are allowed inside of hostel area under conditions: price for accommodation is 10000 EUR per animal per night,security deposit is 50000EUR. All must be paid in cash on arrival.
In case if guest is behaving aggressively or brakes the House rules the Hostel manager has the right to give 1 warning before removing this guest from the property. In this case the payed amount for accommodation as well as deposit of 10 EUR are not refundable. The Hostel management has right to call the police and migration office for further investigation.
Photograph and Video taping of the following is NOT ALLOWED:


– Presidential palace and Parliament;
– Military buildings, including KGB;
Russian peace keeping military checkpoint.

If you are not sure to take or not to take picture, better ask and practice your Russian language. In most cases people will allow you to proceed with fulfilling your desire ๐Ÿ™‚
It IS ALLOWED to take pictures of surroundings inside and outside of the cities.
It is not allowed to drink alcohol in Hostel and public places!
(*1) If guests don’t show up at agreed hour without warning we expect them to cover the transportation expence when we send a manager to meet guest next time (usualy 2 EUR per person). If ordered early check-in, did not show up when agreed and arrived later: guests are welcome to cover the price for early check-In fully + transportation costs. If you need you can order:
Taxi transfer from Train/Bus Station to Hostel: 2 EUR. Procedure: you arrive, inform us, wait for Taxi next to Migration office at the Traine Station.
Late Check-In 8pm – 10pm: price 3 EUR per person; 10pm-11pm: price 6 EUR per person; 11pm-12pm 10 EUR per person.
Early Check-in 8am-2pm: 5 EUR per person.You dropp your luggage and can have tea in the kitchen unless the area is in cleaning process (than you go to the city)
Early Check-out 6am-8am: 8 EUR per person
Late Check-out 11am-2pm: 5 EUR per person
(2*) Q: Why? A: B/c we need to send manager to meet you, open a hostel put your bags in a safe place were other guests have no access…than you have to leave without keys (7), you also did not pay for accommodation so can not use nothing in the hostel. Later you come back to hostel and find the doors closed, you start calling the manager and ask him to come urgently as you are ready for check-in finally…..the manager is at work and can not make it right away when you are ready. Finally the damage is: you are upset b/c the door is locked and you have to wait, manager is upset b/c he is destructed from work and needs to go back & force 2 times to see you. Eventually every one is waisting time, money and patience. Sollution options: a) early check-in )set exact arrival time c) store your luggage in the city and do the check-in when you ready d) there are lots of places with FREE WiFi around the Hostel so You can keep us updated. It has nothing to do with your home country SIM card which is blocked, expensive roaming, doesn’t want to work in Tiraspol exc….Upss… forgot to mention… always have our Mobile phone N so can call from the street and inform if you are running late. No, it is North Korea rules but combination of German rule-respecting attitude, British common sense approach and Soviet self-governing way of making things running. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy!

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