WE ARE ! NOT ! a party Hostel.
It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places in Transnsitria! Remember this! Don’t make mistakes!

1)Make sure that you get your migration card at the border by providing: the address of the Hostel and the period of your stay (can be up to 45 days). 

2) Guest who arrive with 10 hrs registration and willing to prolong their stay are kindly asked to make it by them self at migration office (Str. Kotovskogo 2a, Tiraspol).

3) Hostel accepts payment for accommodation in EUR or USD ONLY, no freighn credit/debit cards can be used as payment in Transnistria. Please prepare your payment in advance. We keep the deposit of 10 EUR( or 13 USD) for 2 keys and possible loss/damage from each guest.

4) Please do not wear shoes inside of the Hostel.

5) No Smoking , No alcohol and foods inside of the Hostel. We understand that people come to relax and chill out but there are really a lot of drinking places near the Hostel where any one can find any drink they like. Lenin Street Hostel is a place where people sleep, stay, talk, work and relax.

6) No parties inside of the Hostel at any time. The curfew inside of the Hostel after 11 pm: no music, no cooking in the kitchen, no loud talks, no lights if there are guests sleeping in your room.

7) We do not allow any guests who has not payed his/her accommodation inside of the hostel (for your security). Do not bring people you meet on the street inside the hostel.

8) Washing and drying machine can be used for 5 EUR but there should be at minimum 3-4 kg of staff. Ask the Hostel manager before you use it.

9) Please clean after yourself ones in the kitchen, shower, toilet. If you see those few drops on the floor/table, please clean it up so other people can use the same clean kitchen and room after you.

10) Hostel does not accept responsibility for any loss.

In case if guest is behaving aggressively or brakes the House rules the Hostel manager has the right to give 1 warning before removing this guest from the property. In this case the payed amount for accommodation as well as deposit of 10 EUR are not refundable. The Hostel management has right to call the police and migration office for further investigation.

Each Guest is obliged to read and signe on arrival:
Lenin Street Hostel Contract
Guest Accommodation Card

Rules inside Tiraspol and Transnistria:

Public transport
We use: maxi-taxis, busses, trolleybuses, taxies and planes (if you super reach 😉 )
* controller usually don’t speak English;
* maxi taxi usually run from 6am till 10pm;
* we advise to use taxi, cost around 2-3 USD to get around the city.
It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places!

Your documents
We advise to carry with you the Xeroxes of your passport and migration card and show that before showing the original. When going out, leave your passport and any cards (credit, insurance, ID, etc.) that you won’t need in a safe place. If you are robbed while out on the street you will not lose everything.


Going out
Remember that you can only use Transnistrian rubles in cash while at the bar, restaurant or night club. We advise always to have extra few rubles to be able to get back to the Hostel using Taxi.
Boys should be aware that in Transnistria, men still pay the bill on dates.
If you are wearing gloves, take them off when you shake hands.

Charging your Electronics
America uses 110, Transnistria 220+. If you plan on using electronic components, bring the necessary adaptor as most public places have no need of them. Hair dryers need at least 1600 wattage converters. We have some adapters in Hostel too.
It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places!

Public WC
There are not many of them in the city and very few equipped with soap and tap water at the same time. I advise to use the relief opportunity at the coffee shops and restaurants. You never know when you will meet the next public WC opportunity.


Do not assume that everybody in Transnistria is ethnically Russian. We have Moldovan, Ukrainian and many other nationalities living together as in old good Soviet Era.

Don’t take a taxi alone at night. Avoid a car if it has anyone besides a driver. Know where you are going and sound sure of yourself when negotiating a price with the driver.

Don’t be afraid to refuse vodka or home made wine or “vishnevka” . You won’t offend anyone if explain your religious or health excuses. If you do drink with Russians, know that the bottle is usually drunk until it is empty.

Don’t expect people to smile at you. It is not customary in Transnistria, especially in the capital, to talk or smile at strangers. Don’t take it personal as bad behavior or unfriendliness.

on’t expect everyone you meet with to be on time. If you have a date with Transnistrian lady, in 80% cases be ready to wait another 15-20 minutes before she shows up. Some girls believe that guy waiting outside in freezing cold proving that he has a serious ideas towards her, so do not expect apologies ))))
It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places!

Do not put your feet on the tables. This will support Transnistria\Russian stereotypes about Westerns being “uncultural”.

Tiraspol and other towns in Transnistria have numerous coffee shops, art houses, dance clubs, theaters and other forms of entertainment. If you are willing to search, you will always find something interesting to do. You can always ask me or my Russian friends to lead the way!


Money usage PMR_Money_New
Inside of the territory all payments can be made only in Transnistrian rubles (NOT RUSSIAN). Only SHERIFF Petrol Stations can accept US Dollars and Moldovan Lei. Please make sure you have enough US Dollars, EURos or Moldovan Lei in cash with you. There are also few ATM’s in the city for your disposal. Be aware that some rubles are made of composite material (1,3,5,10 rubles).
25rub_PMR1rub_PMR 200rub_PMR 100rub_PMR10rub_PMR50rub_PMR

Photograph and Video taping of the following is NOT ALLOWED: foto_i_video
– Presidential palace and Parliament;
– Military buildings, including KGB;
Russian peace keeping military checkpoint.

If you are not sure to take or not to take picture, better ask and practice your Russian language. In most cases people will allow you to proceed with fulfilling your desire 🙂

It IS ALLOWED to take pictures of surroundings inside and outside of the cities.

It is not allowed to drink alcohol in public places!



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