Ka Shek Ng.,Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Experienced Transnistria in March 2016
If you are looking for a decent accommodation on budget in Tiraspol, Go-Tiraspol is perhaps second to none. Dmitri is a friendly and approachable host. He speaks excellent English. He is able to offer plenty of local anecdotes, his insights and information about the country and its people, which makes my sojourn in Tiraspol a unique experience. I highly commend ‘Go-Tiraspol’ to you as a choice of accommodation in Tiraspol.

DSC01205Forat L., Gainesville, Florida, USA
Experienced Transnistria in March 2016
Dmitri was an amazing host. He provided great direction and communication in getting into Tiraspol and had great recommendations for what to do. He was also an awesome person to hangout with, extremely bright and real about talking about things in Transnistria. A really cool guy to talk to. If you are planning to go to Tiraspol, booking with Dmitri is the way to go.


Taekyoung., Seoul, South Korea
Experienced Transnistria in March 2016

Dmitri was an amazing host and his place was awesome 🙂 His father was very kind to show me around the city and Dmitri himself explained a lot about Transnistria to me honestly. I strongly recommend his place for those who plan on visiting Tiraspol.




Vilhelm S.,Stockholm, Sweden
Experienced Transnistria in February 2016
I had a fantastic stay, although only for one short night. It was a very central and good location and Dmitri was a fantastic host. Very helpful and accommodating, both before and during my stay. Although it is a “hotel” with shared rooms, i had the whole place to myself. 



10293732_1114315915247090_8775886209898347862_oYves H
Toulouse, France
Experienced Transnistria in December 2015

Dmitri is a really nice guy! He help us a lot in many ways, especially to solve the problem of registration. We had such a nice stay in his flat.
The place is really nice also, the flat is very comfortable and very closed to the city center.


Eva R.,Stockholm, Sweden
Experienced Transnistria in November 2015
Pensioner, engineer

Dmitri is a very nice guy and he was extremely helpful. He met at the train station at 19:10 and helped with a 24 hour’s visit registration. He also took us to the bank to get rubels, on the way to the hostel. I don’t know how we had managed the Transnistrian system without him.


RayRaySpain, Canary Islands.
Experienced Transnistria in December 2015
World traveler, Nomad street artist, Social Worker.

Dmitri is a guy that you can trust since the first moment. He’s very helper. He provide me useful information before I arrived to Tiraspol. Then we spent a not too long time but very warm time together (because I didn’t have too much time). I’d really like to meet him again. If you read a lot of scary histories about Transnistrias… don’t worry! Try to rest some days there and enjoy with the kind local people.


ErwanErwan BFrance, Rennes, Brittany.
Experienced Transnistria in March 2015

Dmitri is a great host. He pick me to the train station and help me to register. Then he shows me many places in the city with explications. He told mee many things about his country. Then we went to a restaurant eat some locals food. I enjoyed to meet Dmitri, I recomment staying with him to know manythings about Transnistria and Tiraspol.



yannYann SGeneva, Switzerland
Experienced Transnistria in February 2015

Staying with Dima was a cool experience. His English is fantastic and he knows a lot about his country. The flat Dima lives at is very central and pretty nice. Maybe a second key would be nice in order to be more flexible. But anyway: i can just recommend staying with dima. Ah and the best thing: the transnistria tours Dima wants to offer, sound pretty try it out! )
Cheers, Yann

Clara MClara M.,Vaud, Switzerland
Experienced Transnistria in February 2015
Event organiser, journalist

Dmitri is a really nice guy! He hosted me in Tiraspol, even if I wrote him message in a very short notice. He waited for me at the train station, help me register, cook diner, answered all my questions 🙂
He made everything for me to feel comfortable and to enjoy my stay in Tiraspol. Thanks again Dmitri, I wish you all the best for the future and I hope we will meet again somewhere!



Jonas GJonas G., Bavaria, Germany
Experienced Transnistria in December 2014
Air traffic controller

Dmitri is an outstanding guy! He not only hosted me but helped me with the registration procedure (very fast and straighforward). He knows a lot about his country and doesn’t get tired of explaining stuff. He took me with him to neigbouring Benderi to meet some of his friends and locals. That gave me the unique chance to ask all the questions I had and get to know the way of live in Pridnestrovie. I’ve also been asked a lot of questions and it was great a cultural exchange. I had loads of fun and I am very greatful for having met Dmitri and his friends. I strongly recommend to go and check out Pridnestrovie, there is no place like it, and only a meet-up with Dmitri would complete your stay!


Laura LLaura L., San Nicolas, Argentina
Experienced Transnistria in December 2014
Travel Writer, blogger

Staying at Dimitri’s place was the best that could have happen to us in our stay in Tiraspol. We really wanted to visit the area and to learn about the daily life there, and we were lucky to find him. He was the best host. He taught us very interesting things about Transnistria, took us around to some undiscovered areas and even took the time to help us to register (his dad too). I’m very glad we stayed with him, and if you want to visit Transnistria contact him, you won’t regret! I wish I can come back some day!

UraraUraraTokyo, Japan
Experienced Transnistria in July 2013
TV Reporter

Dmitri let me stay at his very convenient and comfy flat, and took care of my needs greatly. He and his friend (part coincidentally) kindly escorted me from/to Chisinau and for registration, spent hours talking on current status and social environment of Transnistria, despite their busy schedule. His family also invited me to BBQ at their house, which was really enjoyable (even with attack of mosquitos…).
It is still difficult for me to grasp this unique country situation, but it was a truly interesting learning experience to me. Thank you sooo much for sharing!!
Wishing great success of your organization, and for further progress of your career!

Horia DHoria B.,Bucharest, Romania
Experienced Transnistria in Aprile 2013

Dmitry is the person to meet in Tiraspol. However, note that he is a busy guy (four cellphones 🙂 so flexibility is necessary. But I definitely recommend making an effort to meet him.

We’ve been in touch by email before my arrival. He assisted me with practical aspects of my trip and also invited me to the Wednesday English meeting he co-organizes in Tiraspol.

While in town we meet for a coffee with his cheerful friends which turned out to be an interesting discussion about all things Transnistrian and later a fun night walk.

Dmitry has a balanced view on socio-cultural life of Transnistria. He is very easy going and has an interesting professional and personal experience networking with people from inside and outside the region.

Highly recommended encounter!

Christian HChristian H.,Traunstein, Germany
Experienced Transnistria in March 2013
Travelling and sharing Ideas and thoughts

Dmitri is a really nice guy! He invited me to attend a meeting of his English Club. It was great to exchange some ideas with him and the other members of the club! Thanks again for the invite and the insights 🙂

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