Blacklisted guests

Our bad experience with this people at Lenins Street Hostel in Tiraspol.
Andrej Spilak, Hribar Sasa (Slovenian passports)

Two rude fakers who requested to have 24/7 assistant to serve their personal crazy ideas. Probably never traveled without mothers. Try to avoid hosting this hobbits from Slovenia at any costs.

Liberty Florina Darling Pegg (British Passport)

Welcome the Liberty Florina Darling Pegg (British Passport) Stayed with her boyfriend in private room 10-11.08.2017 at Lenin Street Hostel Arrived earlier than agreed, requested prior-check-in but did not show up at the place. Ones met, there was a strong smell of alcohol from them. Liberty’s boyfriend went straight to bed dressed. After arrival asked to give them an extra bed in their room, so we provided extra bed with linen. On the check-out carefully fold the bed and tried to make the Hostel manager to call a Taxi for them….later we understood why they needed a Taxi. After they left there where other guests arriving with desire also to use the extra bed. When we opened the bed realized that it is broken! The legs were broken and these two guys were very cleve to collect the pieces of wood and took them in their bags! We send many SMS and e-mails but got no reply, however the day before these two clouns were responding very fast. Attention to all hostels, hotels and apartments owners. DO NOT HOST THESE TWO people. They will destroy your place and hide it smile. DO NOT TRUST THEM! PS: Enjoy the photos, they really tell….


Tianshi Ji (冀天石)


Tianshi Ji (冀天石) 1. Arrived drunk in Hostel and got very angree after we declined to give him FREE vodka on arrival 2. Tried to organize drunken party inside of the hostel with strangers. After we didn’t fullfill his desire wrote a bad review about Hostel on hostelworld page.



Alex Hadjikakos. Broke table on balcony where he stayed on May 9 2015. Left without paying for damage but admited he did it. The table was instoled brand new,strong, few day prio the damage.



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