Locations & Contacts in Tiraspol

Dear guests of Tiraspol city, please use this city map. Press the Left Top button to open the world of FREE WALKING SelfMade Tour around Tiraspol
Don’t get lost in the last of USSR 😉

E-Mail: gotiraspol@gmail.com

Lenin Street Hostel
str. Lenina 28/58

Phone: +37368188352 (for SMS and international calls)
+37377757005 (Transnistrian mobile, for calls only)

Only 10 minutes from Bus and Train station, 15 minutes city center.

We are situated nearly in the very center of the city, surrounded by central police station, 1 Sheriff supermarket and 24\7 food store, only 7 minutes from the major Clubs, discos, vars and typical Soviet Bar.

Look at our rooms
We have 1-8 places.

Always at your service:
HOT WATER shower/toilet
Cosy well equipped kitchen
Registration in migration office 24/7

Additionaly you can enjoy Extream type of accomodation:
– Tent in a yard
– Tent in a forest
You will stay in a protected area. We don’t have wild wolfs in our forests but rubbits and wild boar can come and beg you for extra foods 🙂

20% off all income (after taxes) I spend on help for people in need.
Who are they?

* Orphan children, homeless people, pensioners.
What is needed?
* simple food;

* cloths and washing materials;
* fix their legal documents (passport), etc.

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