First and Great guest from India in our Hostel!

Deb (full name – Debarchan) found us on FB and we continued conversation online while arranging his trip to Transnistria. We finally made it and Deb enjoyed the stay in a Hostel and also the Soviet Tour around the city and Kitskani village. It was an amazing experience hosting such a great guest! The only sad thing was that, many people in Chisinau tried to discourage Deb frm visiting Trasnistria. Ones again it was proved that those people who have never been to Transnistrian are the loudest when it comes to the point of “explaining” to foreigners “How dangerous and intimidating the trip to Tiraspol might be”. Deb was here, he had an amazing time and we where very happy to meet him. Deb, if you read this, I wish you only success and the best of luck during your travels! Best from Go Tiraspol Hostel.


Inside of Go Tiraspol hostel


In Transnistria no Bribes accepted on children playground


Climbing the monastery stairs


Hige bell in the monastery


Nuclear bunker?)) NO!


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