Wine connecting USA and Poland in Tiraspol

Ryan (USA) and Anna-Maria (Poland/Ukraine) stayed in GoTiraspol Hostel between 04-05 May 2016. We had lots of fun while talking about social issues related to our countries and regions. The visit to migration office turned up to be a very exciting and friendly experience. As the result we ended up at CRICOVA restaurant testing local wine and mamaliga. Special thanks to Ryan for his cheerful humor and energy. Anna a very special thanks to you for your honest and really thoughtful opinion on the topics and recommendations withing KievCentralStationHostel.


Central square in Tiraspol


Anna and Ryan are in about to leave buffer zone between Transnistria and Ukraine


Toys 4 sale inside of bomb shelter.


Bomb Shelter security guard. Entrance – 1 ruble , exit-2 rubles.


Evening with Buratino drink


Ryan got his certificate on the last day in Transnistria.


Ryan’s wall of awards. We are proud that GoTiraspol Hostel Certificate is among others on the wall in USA! HUREYYYY!

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