Flying Scotsman on the Run in Transnistria

Our great Scotish comrade Ben visited Tiraspol. A story of Scottish comrade Ben cycling across Transnsitria. His journey started 2 years ago somewhere around Germany and Austria but he left his bicycle in Belgrade. After 2 years he is back, his bicycle is still in Easter Europe ready to accomplish his journey. Ben is a great person with a very reach personality, extraordinary musician!
It is mind blowing when you listen to the his stories and trying to compare what can you do…… Yeh, it was a bit sad to admit that I have to much work to do at the moment so travel long distances is a luxury for me…. But one day….soon!….very soon! I will get my old speedy GT and paper map again! Ben, you are a great inspiration for me and my Dad! We keep in touch and hope to see you again some where, some time in a nearest future!


As every other traveler Ben had his own bed with traditional army bedding and my paintings in a room 🙂


We enjoyed a lunch at a realy Soviet restaurant!


Ben shared his experience of traveling in EU. PS: Few month later my Dad and Mam went on a trip to the same areas in Germany and Austria.


Super Nice Super Soviet Restaurant!


Before we say Good Bye.


Transnistria billionaire Gagarin Ivan Petrovich is driving his live limo to Odessa for weekend.


Ben, we never say good bye! SEE YOU AROUND THE GLOBE COMRADE!

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