Austria is a big friend of GoTiraspol Hostel

David (from Austria) who travels the world. Austria is a big friend of GoTiraspol Hostel because: most of our colleague workers have been to Austria, we have Austrian flag and magnetos, we wear cloth with logo of Austrian national brands and we simply like Austria for its political diversity 🙂 So, David was welcomed with his home land logos both in a Hostel and at my parents home.
David I wish you a pleasant journey and only friendly people during your trips! Best from chilly Tiraspol.


Henri, David, Dmitri, Nastya at GoTiraspol Hostel kitchen


Chinese rose hibiscus blossoms. Austrian and Ukrainian flags.


Кот Кот failed to still the sausage:-)


YES! We went to have BQ together with my friend Nastya and my bro family. Delicious sausages and locally produced beer made our evening a pleasant moment for everybody.


The morning David was about to leave for his next point of interest we almost hijack a Soviet Hipster Motorbike ИЖ.

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