He is a great collector of coins from Hong Kong!

Congratulation Wai Chuen Alex! You are our first ever real customer from booking.com web site. We where proud to have you as a guest at GoTiraspol Hostel!

It was one of those Saturdays, when I had some work to do at my parents place during the day. We prepare the special place where guests could experience Transnistrian barbecue and talk with locals over glass of Kvint/soft drink. In the evening I suppose to meet Alex from Hong Kong who booked his bed via booking.com. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about this web site at all. My first every experience was not so good, I messed up with some registration details and first every customer arrived around 12 o’clock at night!without registration,without nothing. Of course I rushed from a village to open a door for them and all was just fine at the end….but it was a fun experience 🙂

Never the less, Alex was a very interesting guy to talk to. He traveled for a few month already. His road map is one of the craziest I every saw. He went to almost all EU and Easter European countries. He collected coins from all of those countries and he carries them all the way back to China! Man I adore your strong passion! We had a very interesting conversation in the kitchen about caviar Alex got from Furshet shop (we do not recommend to try this staff). Both of us couldn’t finish even one small tea spoon. My cat also refused to eat that delicatessens 🙂 this is a sign as he usually hoovering everything what you give him)))

Alex, the mission of sending the post card with 25 kopeek is accomplished 🙂
Wish you a very nice roads and best of luck on your trip around the World!

DSC01493 DSC01476 DSC01481 DSC01483 DSC01495

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