They go to Pamir mountains by bicycles!

Bicycle is my favorite mean of transportation ever. It can be with you almost all the time (mine even stays above my bed Hahaha).
Andree-Ana wrote me that she and her friends are planing to arrive in Tiraspol in a few days with 3 bicycles but 4 people. Soon I found that Kim had some problems with his leg and now needs to give it a rest so he travels by public transportation. His bicycle was driven from Chisinau to Odessa by Andree-Ana with Leila and Moritz (bouth from Switzerland). It was an amazing experience to chat with them during the only one evening they had in Tiraspol. The next day I cycled with them a bit to the outside of Tiraspol. It was super fun and the story would end here, but! Andree-Ana suppose to return from Odessa back to Chisinau after the main team would depart by ferry to Bacu (Georgia). I offered my couch to Andree-Ana and she accepted the invitation. That evening was just super cool! I invited some of my friends who speak English or trying to learn it to meet with native speaker from Canada. We had an amazing time, Andree-Ana showed us the movie about her travel to Antarctica. We spoke a lot about life in Canada and in Transnistria. The next morning a small group of 4 (AndreeAna, Irina, Alexandr and Denis) went to see the Kitskani monastery and bridgehead. I am glad that we had a chance to meet some one from a far-far Canada and be with us for a little while. Sadly enough Andree-Ana had to leave the next day in direction towards Chisinau. She promised to be back and we are always happy to you back AndreeAna!
Dear Comrades please have a look at the Leila’s Blog and article about Transnistria here:

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  1. […] Dominic two brothers from Switzerland are traveling the world on bicycles. Moritz was in Tiraspol earlier this year together with other Swiss and Canadian cyclists and now  he is back again! We are proud to host […]


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