Monthly Archives: April 2016

Flying Scotsman on the Run in Transnistria

Our great Scotish comrade Ben visited Tiraspol. A story of Scottish comrade Ben cycling across Transnsitria. His journey started 2 years ago somewhere around Germany and Austria but he left his bicycle in Belgrade. After 2 years he is back, his bicycle is still in Easter Europe ready to accomplish his journey. Ben is a […]

Austria is a big friend of GoTiraspol Hostel

David (from Austria) who travels the world. Austria is a big friend of GoTiraspol Hostel because: most of our colleague workers have been to Austria, we have Austrian flag and magnetos, we wear cloth with logo of Austrian national brands and we simply like Austria for its political diversity 🙂 So, David was welcomed with […]

He is a great collector of coins from Hong Kong!

Congratulation Wai Chuen Alex! You are our first ever real customer from web site. We where proud to have you as a guest at GoTiraspol Hostel! It was one of those Saturdays, when I had some work to do at my parents place during the day. We prepare the special place where guests could […]

We met near KVINT factory in Tiraspol!

One of those days when no matter how hard you try to explain in writing where to get off from marshrutka, what to tell to the driver in Russian. This never going to happened because the person who suppose listen, drive and collect money pretends that he doesn’t know where the KVINT factory is(on Lenins […]

Welcome Back Poland

It was cool to meet and talk with Petr and his girlfriend at our Hostel. They are hitchhiking this spring in Eastern Europe. We could talk a lot about their travels and our life here in Transnistria. Unfortunately they had to leave next day in the morning… But we will always keep a good memories […]