Italian Charm is Magic!

  Italian Charm? Yes , this is about Federico from Italy! It was so much fun to host such a wonderful guest. Italia questo è grande!
Federico was in Transnistria only for 1 day but we had a very cool conversation. He is a peson must meet, knows a lot about life and actually currently leaves in UK! The most interesting part of our communication was after we prolonged his registration at migration office in Tiraspol. We where in about to say good buy when one guy on the street asked me if my friend (Federico) was a inostranec (foreigner). And then we had 20 minutes of talks about life Tiraspol and Italy. Voldemar (the local guy) showed us the place where he feeds street dogs, right next door to the police office. We took few photos with him a let Deferico to continue his voyage to Benderi and then back to Chisinau.

  It was super nice to meet you amico! Siamo sempre felici di voi a casа!
DSC01368 DSC01370 DSC01377 DSC01378

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