USA & ex-USSR meets in Transnistria. Story about 2 medics.

  How many doctors do you know? How many of young doctors from USA would come to Transnistria? I was really interested to meet Forat because I also studied at medical school and worked as a first aider in late 2003-2005. We met and spoke about different things related to life style in former USSR, Transnistria and USA…found lots of similarities, Pros and Cons. At the end we all agreed that all of us are human being and that is all about. We wend out together with Forat and Ka Shek.
  To me it is such an interesting momentum to talk to people with such a different backgrounds. Forat was a doctor from USA but his parents are from Iraq, Ka Shek a student in Scotland but originally from Hong Kong (China) and your Hostel Tour guide Dmitri from Tiraspol, Transnistria. We all come from very different ages of the world, siting in the middle of no man’s land and feel just great. This is what I admire always in people, the ability to see a pig picture and be open to everything new in life. I really liked the way Forat things, his philosophy. Sadly enough he had to leave the next day.   I wish you Forat to complete your medical adventure and start a successful carer.

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