Monthly Archives: March 2016

Italian Charm is Magic!

  Italian Charm? Yes , this is about Federico from Italy! It was so much fun to host such a wonderful guest. Italia questo è grande! Federico was in Transnistria only for 1 day but we had a very cool conversation. He is a peson must meet, knows a lot about life and actually currently […]

Alvin likes Tiraspol USSR Radio bits.

  Dear comrade Alvin, it was a very special appearance of meeting some one who speaks such a great English and knows a lot about history and has such a friendly personality! Unfortunately we had to postpone our meeting at the hostel till evening on the first day. In the evening we had a very […]

Sharp angles in Chobruchi and USSR cantine in Tiraspol

It was super nice to meet and talk with Carbo who arrived from China. We also managed to get Carbo on the city tour in Tiraspol and Benderi. irina showed Carbo some parts of old town and they also went to see Bender fortress. On the second day we decided to go on the tour across […]

Hong Kong meets Transnistria again!

  Fast booking and arrival in Tiraspol of our guest Ka Shek from Hong Kong. The road is not yet clear and some times my friends and guest got lost on the way from Train station and Hostel…..It happen to Ka Shek and me too…… Likely enough the girls at Zefir Beauty Salon spoke a […]

USA & ex-USSR meets in Transnistria. Story about 2 medics.

  How many doctors do you know? How many of young doctors from USA would come to Transnistria? I was really interested to meet Forat because I also studied at medical school and worked as a first aider in late 2003-2005. We met and spoke about different things related to life style in former USSR, […]