Monthly Archives: February 2016

Help Accommodation in POLAND now!

​​ My two Friends need a place to sleep in Poland from 29 February 2016​. Two young guys, Liuba and Igor, both from Transnistria, working in non-profit field are desperately seeking for accommodation in Wroclaw (POLAND) for 90 days. They will be with 2 lovely clean cats. Let’s try to help them by all possible mean. PLEASE ​CONTACT […]

Spanish people learn about life in Transnistria

Short interview with GoTiraspol founder and Diario Viajeroes, blogger from Spain. Download PDF Article: Viaje a la misteriosa Transnistria Viaje a la misteriosa Transnistria Posted on febrero 17, 2016 by diarioviajero Entre Moldavia y Ucrania, a la orilla del río Dniester encontramos a la enigmática y misteriosa Transnistria. Una región que para las autoridades europeas […]

This World is very Small!

In Transnistria anything is possible….. Our guest Plato Cheng is from China, lives in Moscow. We have 2 friends in common, Natalia from Tiraspol and Aino from Finland…… Plato, thanks for visiting! Looking forward to meet you in Moscow! I really enjoyed the discussions we had in my soviet style kitchen 🙂 Best of luck […]

Battle for food in my garden

This very morning I had a pleasure to watch how a great tit had an attempt to still a nut from a squirrel. Few meters away there was a pheasant walking peacefully wondering about foods too. I love my back yard morning situations.