I Abstract my life in Transnistria first time


I ones heard from a friend of mine, that people in USA believe that every human been should completely change their field of work every 10 years. Well…I believe that American guy was right. By the end of 2014 I have decided that NGO sector is over for me. The circumstances changed inTransnistria and Moldova…. you have to be smart to see those from a distance…. I am glad we could. Same felt my close friend and colleague Luba. It took me almost 1 year to close the NGO which was alive for 12 year in Tiraspol, Transnistria. Sad feelings, regrets….? NO! Full Speed, 5’th gear, going straight to the point!


After I got a job in purely commercial company I decided also to take a chellenge and try a new NON-SUITABLE FOR ME HOBBY. I desperately needed to put something original on the walls in my newly opened Hostel in Tiraspol. Do you know how much it cost to buy a painting of a modern artist? Yehh, thanks, I better do it myself :-)…..I never dreamt of being a painter or be an artist. But being an NGO leader gives you lots of experience being an artist of many fields. Really, it gives you much more than you can immagine. So, I started to paint on canvas with oil. It was funny and scaryy))) I will not go thgouth the process of creation of every painting I made…it’s not that interesting….you just paint and paint )))DSC_14566
Did I ever had a plan to hold my own exhibition? Yes, I had, in order to be able to sell my masterpieces for ridiculous prices, become famous, buy a big island and small yacht))))









During my routing visit to Transnsitrian Tax office I met Maxim. I was dealing with registration of my new SRL, maxim was also busy with his business projects “Art Gallery MultiPlex-Art. We studied together in medical collage in Tiraspol.  He asked if I would like to have an exhibition at his gallery. Surely I said YES MAN! This is what I need!
Shortly after that I participated in his gallery lottery and won a wonderful gnome. It was made by nice girl Petra Rosso from Sukleya village in Transnistria.
So we had a really nice plan and everything was in place. We followed the order and organised everything in time. It was an extraordinary event where I had a pleasure to see my friends and people who dedicated their time to be with us at this very special occasion.DSC_1241






Lessons learned:
1. I can create really nice masterpieces
2. The process of painting takes your mind away.
3. You can finish the painting during 30-50minutes and after 1 hour your original present to your friend is ready.
My plans? I will surely continue painting and next exhibition will be in Versailles )))hahahah

If you wish to buy any of my paintings, please write me. I can ship it worldwide 🙂
Radio Europa Libera also made a short reportage about this event.

3924_212604772414060_2837232333907218891_n 6144_212604182414119_8982805779235641211_n 1476143_212605622413975_7365029252037900903_n 1510838_212606925747178_7547194259943377860_n 1933966_212607352413802_1520294878735165965_n 12472385_212602675747603_4161337453256848527_n 12495023_212603255747545_3775138617362446382_n 12507388_212601119081092_9003008048217022784_n 12507462_212606149080589_287476158894137777_n 12522925_212605119080692_4121801590176559178_n 12540971_212601912414346_5376508707740978766_n

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