Meet Ray! Great World traveler exloring Tiraspol and making friends.

is an extraordinary men who travels the world on his minivan. He was special from very beginning when he wrote me in mid October. We had a plan to organise a clown workshop and fire show (Ray is a professional artist!). Unfortunately the Ray’s van got robbed and partially broken so we had to postpone his arrival to Transnistria for a month….. By the time when we finally made it to Tiraspol the weather and my office routine didn’t allow us to organise any streen performance. But! we agreed to meet and organise this any way some time some where in the world!
While in Tiraspol…

Ray was brought to my office by school students from Gymnasium N6. I introduced Ray to my colleagues and he told some stories to every one. He also prepared and handled officially 2 presents: a hand made!!! CATALONIA flag united with Transnistrian flag (is now in my private collection) and also and Origami Elephant (now lives in my office). After that we went to buy some souvenirs with Transnistrian symbolics. Right after shopping we got into Soviet LADA car situation with a very nice and polite owner of the communistic machinery! Yes, Ray was also able to look at the engine and being amazed how simple and accurate it was design. I know, British TopGear made it wrong)))) LADA’s are the Best of the Best! No single BMW or Lamo can be compared with LADA ZE BEST!

Ray, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Tiraspol and you liked Transnistrian free air šŸ˜‰

Hope to meet you again!
Best of luck on your way!

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