I saw only 2 drunk guys among 1000. ArlLabFest 2015 Rocks!

If you sort of not “normal” individual and live in Moldova or Transnistria you most likely want to hang out with like-minded people in your area. I mean not just meet but party in the most wild vegan way possible.











wonder girl and local guy in traditional outfit…..

This year I could finally make myself available for relaxation and participation in Artlabyrint Festival 2015. The idea was simple: go to village Socoleni, pay 200 Moldovan lei as participation fee, relax in the most enjoyable way 🙂
The ArtLab 2015 continued between 3-5 July 2015. During the Fest people had a chance to attend numerous workshops, handcraft activities, master classes and trainings. Every evening there was an open space concert with bands from Eastern Europe.

I really like the idea of internal rules set by organisers:
– no cars
– no alcohol no meet
– respectful behaviours between participants and guests.











literally, this is first time I saw only 2 drunk guys among almost a 1000 participants! during 3 days! This is insane! I would not believe this can be possible in 21 century in pro-european-open minded Moldova! This made me feel great!

Please enjoy some of the shots I took during these fantastic 3 summer days.
Peace and love to everybody!
DSC08250DSC07906 DSC07925  DSC08029 DSC08058  DSC08064 DSC08065 DSC08080 DSC08134 DSC08165  DSC08253 DSC08275

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