Remembering the working class ideas in Transnistria

Today, on the day of 1’st of May we celebrated the International Labor Day. When I say WE I mean ordinary people only who live in Transnistria. It was official Bank holiday and those who work for Transnistrian state had a perfect chance not to go to work.

Many happy faces went to the country side and enjoyed barbecue and traditional physical activity. Yeh, during Soviet Union times peoples tradition was to go to public places and clean up garbage, basically tiding up the public places where they lived. Many people miss the old times and blame the current regime while comparing them with each other.

This man was playing his accordion near the Dniester river. We had a nice chat about his ideas with photography. He is searching for a place where he can print his pictures taken on old style film camera.
The young man with his dogs (sisters) after fishing

 I also cycled in the city a bit in Transnistria SOHO 🙂

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