“Breakfast with Dead” Radonita and Anti-Easter in Transnistria

Thousands of people go to cemeteries to commemorate their dead relatives. It is Russian tradition deeply rooted with Russian Orthodox Church.

y family traditionally visiting one old cemetery (Blijnee) and a new one (Zapadnoe). My Grand-Grand and Grand parents as well as uncle are permanently resine in these two places. Of course I also went to see and commemorate some of my friends and also my first employer (Mr. Ushanev, God bless him and his family). He was a great man but unfortunately was killed by local mafia like many others in 90’s….

Visiting the cemetery is a must do activity in our society but we usually take a bicycle ride after that (my family). So, this time we went to see an unknown park and also some former USSR premises. Unfortunately I can not display publicly all what I saw and found but still, you can guess….
My first employer, former owner of the first regball team in Transnistria, was shot dead in his car.
An interesting tomb
Simbolic BMW and his owner….
Still don’t understant the meaning of this headstoneyes494
Long queue of relatives of the dead
Near the graveyard
Leftoevers, empty boxes under the sun…
Trash fields…

Magic box
Not very well known park in Tiraspol

The Hero of the USSR
The cat is clearly stated his oppinion 🙂

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