Cycling in Transnistria is Great! Go Travelling Monkeys!

   This Post is about a Veronika, a young lady cycling alone from Belrin through Easter European countries in cold, heat in and conflict areas. I come back to Veronika in few lines again.

Even thou my first diploma is in General Medicine (I am paramedic) I believe the more you exercise the better it is for your body and brain and less expensive work for medics. Yeh, doctors will not see you that often.

   Some people use bicycles to get to work and back, or for pleasant weekend ride with friends, some have a professional cycling obsession and wish they could replace their girl(boy)friend with it 🙂 and so on… But this post is about Cyclists who’s bicycles are not only a piece of metal able to roll down the street. This Post is dedicated to cyclists who make their bicycle a life carrier.

   Welcome to Go Tiraspol, Transnistria!
Veronika is a cyclist with a long history behind her passion. Her parents where taking her sister and her on cycling tours from their early childhood. Since then it became her life long passion resulting in trips from 5 days to the current mission possibly till August 2015! It is amazing to realise how an young women, Doctor from German could find strength to pedal all across Easter Europe (including Transnistria) and Asia! What is special is that Veronika has a travelling monkey(Ronja) following her all the way from Berlin on the front bicycle wheel. You can have a look at the TravellingMonkeys pages on Facebook and Blogspot. I find this idea crazy and great! The more monkeys are traveling around the world the more divers and friendly human beans society becomes!

eronika and I went on a small cycling “Around the World” tour START Tiraspol => Kitkani village, see Monastery and Kitkani bridgehead During => Mereneshti forest => Benderi city, see the famous memorial and Soviet tanks => FINISH Tirapsol. It was a great peaceful day with lots of wind on our way to Kitkani but almost no wind from Benderi till Tiraspol.

he next day Veronika left to Odessa and her next destination.

wish Veronika a safe and smooth cycling adventure at any destination she chooses!
Old version of Google Maps trip planner 
One of the perfect stack of firewood I ever saw!
They work hard to make it perfect

First version of fresh idea. Keep the good work!
You can rest a bite after few hours standing
Happy Easter Kitcani village!

Small talk in the sun.
I peice of art.
Go Tiraspol!
Freetings from Ronja!
Berlin we cycle too!
Comrade we win together!
Ronja is searching for the way.
Transnistrian flag.
Still USSR.
Entance to Go Tiraspol Hostel. Veronika b4 departure.
Last shots towards Odessa.
See you Veronika! It was nice to host you!
Have a safe trip and be the inspiration for others!

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