Blogging in Transnistria by TV-PMR. Episode will not be released by Transnistrian TV :-(

The Real Transnistria and GoTiraspol where filmed by Transnistrian TV chanel TV-PMR. The topic of the interview was BLOGGING IN TRANSNISTRIA. The journalists where very friendly and asked lots of interesting questions about my travel experience and plans regarding development of GoTiraspol Blog.
  Unfortunately the Episode did not appear on Transnistrian TV due some “technical issues”. As the journalist explained to me, the episode with me was erased right before the release on national Transnistrian TV. Of course I hope it was a pure accident…..
  I thought this kind of things could happened so we filmed how I was filmed 🙂 and still have a short version interview.
  Dear subscribers, please enjoy the photos now. I am still working on the video editing.
The interview in action
Camera man is checking out my work
Litle kid and her father also participated

Trolibus leaves from city center


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