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My Chisinau Marathon 2015. Proud to be part of history.

Everything in life begins with an idea in somebodies head. The idea is the most important and valuable thing ever. I don’t know when this idea crossed Dmitri Voloshin‘s mind but it definitely made my life as well as lives of thousands other people more complete on the day of April 26, 2015. As not […]

Chisinau marathon preparation

Chisinau marathon is few days away. I am gouing to run 10 km this time. Vikilics and I are continuing our jogging activities around Tiraspol. Today we took few nice shots outside of Tiraspol city. Между прочим, жители Приднестровья тоже могут участвовать в забеге. Желающие могут пройти не сложную регистрацию и пробежать в Воскресенье свою […]

Ice and Rain on Moldovans heads

Today’s particular travel was an amazing chance to see sun, rain, ice, snow and wind at the same time. It was a very priductive day when I finaly met one very good person and we had enought time for talks…. I am not gonna say much this time. Just watch the video and enjoy the […]

“Breakfast with Dead” Radonita and Anti-Easter in Transnistria

Thousands of people go to cemeteries to commemorate their dead relatives. It is Russian tradition deeply rooted with Russian Orthodox Church. My family traditionally visiting one old cemetery (Blijnee) and a new one (Zapadnoe). My Grand-Grand and Grand parents as well as uncle are permanently resine in these two places. Of course I also went […]

Distribution of gifts from 17:00 till 18:00

Life in Transnistria is not an easy topic to discuss but I feel doing this in this Post. This morning I got a call from my mom asking to help her to bring some food bags from some place where somebody distributing the food aid. She said that our neighbor already got a big bag […]