German DAAD workshop in Chisinau.

As part of my NGO activities I was kindly invited to participate in “Intercultural Workshop and Simulation
Development on Moldova in the Context of the Eastern Partnership” which took place in Chisinau from March 23-28. The oragnisers where: DAAD Moldova and Univercity of Tubingen. Participants from Gagauzia, Moldova, Portuguese, Spain, Hungary, Moldova and Transnistria where searching for common ground during the workshop.
I always enjoy this kind of meetings as they truly show the real situation in terms of intercultural relations.  Overall it was well ruled and organisers took care of participants requests if there where any.
I was hapy to discover Chisinau in my free time after sessions.

Simulations in Action

Family picture with participants)
Kid is playiing with birds in down town of Chisinau.
Debates about Romania in Moldova “Yes” or “No”
Deabates about Romanian future N2. 
This is real Chisinau.
Anything is possible in Moldova

Ladies are taking pictures with Moldova’s Tourism Logo 2015 
Few blocks away from central Stefan Cel Mare street in Chisinau
Ongoing constructions
The city has its taste
It is OK to run into your Tiraspol friend in Chisinau

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