Climbing wall opened in Tiraspol. Local initiative finaly supported by EU.

Topics related to Tourism, Mountaineering’s, Climbing, Cycling and Peacebuilding are my number 1 priority. I could not refuse to discover the combination\concentration of almost all of my passions at one particular place. The round table “Experience Trust” was organised by NGO “ECUT” from Tiraspol and SRL “ProTrebujen” from Chisinau at state operation Young Tourists Station (СЮТ) located inside of old elementary school. The active technical and spiritual support was given by Dmitri Medvedenko from Tiraspol who managed the building part together with volunteers.

A bit of history

The previous base of Young Tourists Station (СЮТ) and NGO “ECUT” was much bigger and a way more comfortable comparing to the caje they got now. A big part of everyday work with children was focused on exercises on river Dniester and Kitkani forest (15 minutes walk from Station).
Unfortunately from now on it wont be possible as the river is many kilometres away and Station does not have enough resources for transportation.
I hope and wish this NGO strengths and power to overcome their difficulties.

Some basic climbing equipments where donated to NGO “ECUT” by SRL “ProTrebujen”

The program of round table
Participants from Moldova and Tiraspol 
Partners of the project
Love the School, Love the Books, Love Natural Transnistria!
Climing wall was build
Mrs Olga Chenchik is testing the Wall for the first time
The place to wash hands. School N8, Tiraspol
Entrance to the Young Tourists Station. School N8, Tiraspol
How to behave agressive childe. School N8, Tiraspol
Pictures from the past. School N8, Tiraspol
The wall of romantizm. School N8, Tiraspol
Exit from School combined with Entrance to the Tourists Statioon
Pictures from the past#2. School N8, Tiraspol

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