Visiting Kitkani village monastery by bicycle

Transnistria holds a Bank Holiday on March 09 due to International Women’s day which is on March 08, but because our economy is sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine we do not care and party on sunny day 🙂
So I decided not to waist my time and went on a bike ride to Kitkani village by bicycle.Bike Ride 09.03_2 The purpose is simple: to check out the road conditions for you my fellow travelers and those who booked their stay at our Hostel Go Tiraspol.
On the road there was not much to see except symbolic graves of those who died in car accidents between Tiraspol and Kitkani village. Monastery is still there, friendly monks welcomes to try our local wine, local food and of cource to pray for peaceful Transnistria and Moldova.
Important notice for women: please get a big spare scarf or blanket if you wear shorts or skirts while visiting monastery. It is forbidden to show your naked legs and breasts inside of this premises.
Overall the trip was super cool, we met with some locals and tried some brinza.

Life out side of Monasteri
These are not shining stars, but broken bottles of beer and vodka.
Bike Ride 09.03
Sheeps are pregnant in Kitkani.

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