Bienvenue dans le monde de la France! Rencontrez d’autres voyageurs Erwan Tiraspol!

  Congratulations GoTiraspol with first french guest! I wouldn’t expect to meet such an interesting person as Erwan from Rennes, Brittany, France. He works for National Railways as engineer. WOW! I always admire people who chose this kind of romantic professions.
I met Erwan at the train station and we walked to the Hostel in the rain. Quick change and we are on the way to meet my friends Natalia and Lera for a city night tour. Yep, I can show you some really cool places in Tiraspol which are very mysteries at night.
Unfortunately Erwan stayed only 1 day and had to leave the next day. Nevertheless we organised a registration at migration office so he wont have troubles reaching his next destination.

Soviet Tank T 34 “For Motherland” towards Moldova 🙂

Anna and Erwan in Tiraspol
Erwan in Tiraspol at night
This gastro-pub provides tasty foods. I try to show locals the full virioty of places in Tiraspol
Old school TV antena in place. We saw this technology very late at night. Next morning it was gone with the wind…

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