Monthly Archives: March 2015

German DAAD workshop in Chisinau.

As part of my NGO activities I was kindly invited to participate in “Intercultural Workshop and Simulation Development on Moldova in the Context of the Eastern Partnership” which took place in Chisinau from March 23-28. The oragnisers where: DAAD Moldova and Univercity of Tubingen. Participants from Gagauzia, Moldova, Portuguese, Spain, Hungary, Moldova and Transnistria where searching for common […]

Climbing wall opened in Tiraspol. Local initiative finaly supported by EU.

Topics related to Tourism, Mountaineering’s, Climbing, Cycling and Peacebuilding are my number 1 priority. I could not refuse to discover the combination\concentration of almost all of my passions at one particular place. The round table “Experience Trust” was organised by NGO “ECUT” from Tiraspol and SRL “ProTrebujen” from Chisinau at state operation Young Tourists Station […]

Transnistrian\Swedish friendship 3 times more powerful during Film Festival!

It is very windy and rainy outside of KKK, Tiraspol central (only) cinema. Surly Lenin is watching were his descendants are heading tonight. Of course to the Swedish Film Festival! The Embassy of Sweden in Moldova and Transnsnistrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are closely cooperating many years in favor of Transnistrian citizens trying to bring something new […]

Visiting Kitkani village monastery by bicycle

Transnistria holds a Bank Holiday on March 09 due to International Women’s day which is on March 08, but because our economy is sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine we do not care and party on sunny day 🙂 So I decided not to waist my time and went on a bike ride to Kitkani village […]

Bienvenue dans le monde de la France! Rencontrez d’autres voyageurs Erwan Tiraspol!

  Congratulations GoTiraspol with first french guest! I wouldn’t expect to meet such an interesting person as Erwan from Rennes, Brittany, France. He works for National Railways as engineer. WOW! I always admire people who chose this kind of romantic professions. I met Erwan at the train station and we walked to the Hostel in […]