Yann from Switzerland enjoys Tiraspol and Bendery

When I first got a message from Yann in Russian I though its one of those jokes of fullish trolls from net. But the questions Yann asked and topics of his interest where pretty accurate. Yann stayed at our Hostel for a few days. I organised a meeting with locals in Bendery city at AntiCafe Liberty. The idea was very simple, Yan wanted to meet locals and locals where very motivated to meet an English speaking Swiss young traveler. Such a perfect mix for Transnistrian development!
The idea behind the Liberty AntiCafe, an unlimited series of HOT and SOFT drinks in one of Benderi’s fancier neighborhoods near the Sheriff supermarket and open bazaar .Instead of another coffee, maybe you’d rather get a little extra time from your local coffee house.  “It may seem paradoxical, but the idea is for this to make you forget time even as the tab here is contingent on how much of it you spend in the café. Every minute costs few Transnistrian rubles and you forget about time… For their money [comrades] get coffee, tea, toast, biscuits, table games and as much as they want.”
After an intense discussions we went to Luba’s (my former co-worker and friend) home to cook lade dinner. Yan was cooking some traditional Swiss fast food. It was delicious.
We also spoke a bit about his experience staying in Transnistria.

Ladies are listening the presentation

Some happy and funny moments 🙂
Yann is joking
Galina ( the AntiCafe owner) is practicing her English language skills
Interaction with locals
Small round table of friends
From Benderi with Love!
Yann is cooking

Luba’s cool cat (KotKot) is hypnotizing Yann
Yommyy Yommyy food!
This is how its made in Transnistria!


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