Photo Exhibition in Transnistria ”Human rights across river Dniester”

What is Freedom in Transnistria? Do people know about their rights in the region?

Go Tiraspol visited a Photo Exhibition ” Human Rights across river Dniester” in Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria. The screening was organised by one of the leading local NGO “IRC Common Home”. Their straggle is to find a common ground for settlement with their fellows from Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Yes, these people still believe in idea that one day the conflict could be over. Despite many of their colleagues from Transnistrian NGO’s this guys are doing a great job in bridging two sides together using civic diplomacy.
Have a look at what they’ve got for you.PS:we regret that all signs are in Russian language but if you come to visit them you can hear some very clear explanations in English from their staff members.
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