Why is it so cold?!Agrentina meets Transnistria in winter.

What an exotic chance to meet and host Argentinian couple, Laura and Juhan! I got a request from them to stay in Tiraspol few weeks in advance. It was super experience to hang out together with world famous travelers and bloggers. I adore those people who can manage their blogging and travel expenses in a way when it pays off each others bills. Laura and Juhan are one of the few who does this perfectly. This is what Moldovan and Transnistrian Facebook addicts can learn from this particular couple.

Their stay was fulfilled with few visits to Transnistrian Pyramids and Space Power station, Bulgarian private traditional museum and of course a city tour.

If you want to dive into reach culture and real stories from real travelers, please DO visit this guys Blogs: Juhan Blog, Laura Blog, their common Facebook Page.
I really enjoyed their company and hope we will meet again somewhere at their land (hopefully).

Please have a look at some of the photos:
At GoTiraspol flat, the soviet Real kuhnya (kitchen)

Visiting Bulgarian museum

Recharging internal batteries with Transnistrian Pyramids and Space Power station

Talking to museum owner Valentina Obruschkova showes her Family Tree

Traditional Bulgarian leaving room

Members of Valentina’s family

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