Monthly Archives: December 2014

Cycling in snow storm to Kitskani village (TN)

December 21, Kitskani village area, 10 km away from Tiraspol. Cycling in the forest…. January I think we need a little poetry up here 🙂 The days are short The sun a spark Hung thin between The dark and dark. Fat snowy footsteps…

Photo Exhibition in Transnistria ”Human rights across river Dniester”

What is Freedom in Transnistria? Do people know about their rights in the region? Go Tiraspol visited a Photo Exhibition ” Human Rights across river Dniester” in Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria. The screening was organised by one of the leading local NGO “IRC Common Home”. Their straggle is to find a common ground for […]

Jonas from Germany meets locals in Tiraspol and Bendery city

  How often do you meet air traffic controller who is a very young age and traveling in Eastern Europe? Yes, not very often, especially in Transnistria!   He stayed at GoTiraspol Hostel for a few days. We also went to AntiCafe Liberty in Bendery city to meet locals. The conversation was totally in English […]

Why is it so cold?!Agrentina meets Transnistria in winter.

What an exotic chance to meet and host Argentinian couple, Laura and Juhan! I got a request from them to stay in Tiraspol few weeks in advance. It was super experience to hang out together with world famous travelers and bloggers. I adore those people who can manage their blogging and travel expenses in a […]

Christmas Tree in Transnistria. SuperSonic BLACK FRIDAY for all NATION!

So you ever dreams of waisting your money on Black Friday? Come to Transnistria and see a Christmas Tree worth 130,000 USD! Yeh, you would not expect this from one of the poorest places in Easter Europe, yet it happened. This morning we took a ride with my friends to watched peoples reaction on this […]