Conflict tourism. TRNC & PMR

What can be cooler then escaping Transnistria in mid November in exchange for Cyprus sunny evenings? Yes, we could chose Siberia but NO! we had enough cold in Tiraspol this year already! 🙂

The purpose was to have study visit to the country where frozen conflict still in place and see how they could over come the situation. The trip was sponsored by EEF Moldova. At the same time there was a visit of another Moldavian-Transnistrian team consists of governmental officials from both sides. ( возможно схема работает путем drinking-fun diplomacy исключительно ).
It was particularly interesting for me as for the past 10 years my mind was obsessed with Transnistrian conflict and my job was also related to this. We arrived to Larnaca, the capital.Overall impression of Republic of Cyprus: Super Cool place, designed for late spring and late autumn. On the streets: big number of Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Filipino representatives. Every body is friendly and open for talks.Northern Cyprus, unrecognised de-facto state.


Meeting local NGO in Nicosia
Transnistrian passport and “visa” to N.Cyprus

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