Discover Pyramids in Trasnistria by bicycle!

What to do on Sunday morning after loong hours at work during the week? Surely, get on your bike and discover more and more of Transnistrian countryside!

Luba asked: “Where shell we cycle today?” The reply pumped in my head: ” Transnistrian Pyramids!”
So 3 bikes, 3 friends, Olga, Luba and Dmitri wend to Piramids which doesn exist for the rest of the world.

It was quit difficult to find, but after short communication with Russian Peacekeepers from the Tank unit we knew where should we go.

It feels strange inside of your head after you enter the Pyramid. Stay and discover every corner of it to understand more about yourself and viscera 🙂

We had a short picnic inside of the Big Pyramid.
I re-charged myself with new energy from Transnistrian Space Cosmodrome.

Yeh, there is a special Soviet style toilet very close to motorway Tiraspol-Odessa.

It took us about 25 minutes to get there by bicycles.

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