Monthly Archives: November 2014

First Snow in Transnistria 2014\Первый снег в ПМР!

I was coming back from my working trip from Chisinau when the snow hit the road in Transnistria! WOW! What a great view! This is very first snow in our region! I like snow, it always brings a good memories from the past and gives a kind of optimistic ideas for future..thought… And in Moldova […]

Conflict tourism. TRNC & PMR

What can be cooler then escaping Transnistria in mid November in exchange for Cyprus sunny evenings? Yes, we could chose Siberia but NO! we had enough cold in Tiraspol this year already! 🙂 The purpose was to have study visit to the country where frozen conflict still in place and see how they could over […]

Discover Pyramids in Trasnistria by bicycle!

What to do on Sunday morning after loong hours at work during the week? Surely, get on your bike and discover more and more of Transnistrian countryside! Luba asked: “Where shell we cycle today?” The reply pumped in my head: ” Transnistrian Pyramids!” So 3 bikes, 3 friends, Olga, Luba and Dmitri wend to Piramids […]

Discovering Sukleya sandpit & picnic

Last weekend GoTiraspol enjoyed one of the few sunny warm days in November. Our small team formed of Lesha, Olga, Luba, Alex and Dmitri decided to discover some Transnistrian mountains outside of Tiraspol city. Yes, we just love city breaks by all means especialy extraordinary! The plan was simple: 1. Go to Suklea village and […]